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It might be one of the most often-heard praises about Indy: the Circle City combines the best parts about a big city – world-class cuisine, exciting sporting events and riveting concerts, and a rotating wheel of celebrations and festivals – with the charm of a small-town experience. Indy’s connected communities and cultural districts is the key to truly getting the best of both worlds. Bike trails, sidewalks, transit, and roadways are what knit together these different facets of Indy’s personality to create the entire brand of the Circle City.

You may consider “Indy” as the business district of downtown; after all, that’s where most of the well-known attractions reside, such as the Lucas Oil Stadium – home of the Indianapolis Colts – the Indianapolis Zoo, and the iconic Monument Circle. Yet, true to its name, the Circle City gets its destination appeal from its vibrant neighborhoods surrounding the downtown core. These cultural districts are what give visitors the chance to explore “off the beaten path,” experiencing Indy like an authentic local. The opportunity that lies before us, therefore, is to make these “paths” beautiful, less utilitarian, more connected, and an essential part of Indy’s infrastructure moving forward.

In the coming years, Indy plans to build an additional 200 miles of bike lanes. That will bring our total to 350 miles, where residents and visitors alike will be able to get out and explore our neighborhoods. Trails will also be at the forefront of improving the connectivity of our communities. The Monon Rail Trail and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail are the pillars for connectivity in Indy, receiving global attention and acting as a growth magnet for new restaurants, businesses, and attractions.

Each day, more and more people walk or ride and experience the thriving communities around the city. That’s why the Cultural Trail is expanding, building another two miles linking historic Indiana Avenue, home of the Madam C.J. Walker Theatre and the epicenter of Indy’s Black culture in the 20th century, to the downtown core. Why maintaining our trails is at the forefront of our mission with the Indy Destination Vision. And why we plan to think broader moving forward, incorporating old infrastructure into future trail use and adding thematic flavor to the corridors that will ultimately make our city more connected than ever.

People inertly crave exceptional trails, sidewalks, and public transit. Their strong presence is one of those underlying factors that truly make appeal destination tangible. That’s why it’s imperative that we continue making the change towards more connected communities: making sure people can get from trails to their destination through improved sidewalks, and further developing public transit and advocating for more service, destinations, and transit options. Fostering these initiatives and building an image of a healthy, green, and progressive city is how we ensure the Circle City is vibrant and accessible all around.

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