You see, we believe travel and tourism is more than just about having fun. We also believe it’s about more than welcoming visitors. Tourism is certainly both of those things. But it’s also about bringing people together for shared experiences. About breaking down barriers by sharing ideas and culture. About telling our authentic, and complete, story.

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We believe a great place to live is also a great place to visit. Building a better city takes the hard work of everyone and doesn’t happen overnight. Our work is at the intersection of what residents and visitors want and reflects our mission of maximizing the positive impact of tourism for the benefit of our city.

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Tourism with Purpose celebrates diverse people and makes them feel part of a community, brings them together for shared experiences that promote understanding, and improves their daily lives.
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From expanding the voice of residents in the city’s story to unlocking cultural experiences that make Indy an amazing place to live and visit to stewarding the economic engine that sustains tens of thousands of families, the Destination Vision plan strives to elevate Indy’s offerings.

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